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Yoga KIDS COURSES in Villach Austria with Mira Yoga

Movement and Fun with Yoga
Classes run throughout the school year!

FINAL CLASS of this school year is APRIL 10th!

Through exercise, movement and play, your children gain balance, strength, flexibility, relaxation and improved concentration and memory power. Yoga can build self-confidence in children who may be shy or introverted, and can teach valuable tools about chanelling excess energy for children who are extroverted or have a lot of pent up energy or emotions.

Kids 7 - 12

Place: Ossiacherstraße 93, 9523 Landskron

Monthly membership:
€25 per month (€10 Membership discount in September 2013!!!)


Konto Infos:

Johana Chaitanya
Konto-Nr. - 124867
BLZ - 39383

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tel: 0660/ 567 40 17