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yoga class types

pre-registered courses:

Pre-registered courses offer a solid foundation into a basic sivananda hatha yoga class. Various aspects of yoga, yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation are explained in detail over the weeks spent together. The courses are closed, which means relatively that the exact same group practices together for the duration of the course and the class sessions build gradually from one to the next in an effort to familiarize students with the practice so that they can continue on to a Yoga 2 or deepen their yoga practice at home. Courses are pre-paid and have a starting and ending point. Yoga 1 Courses and Prenatal Yoga courses are currently offered in Landskron at Ossiacherstraße 93.

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open yoga classes:

An open class has no starting or ending point, meaning that anyone at any time can join an open class. The groups change over the weeks, as do the classes depending on who attends. These classes are ideal for individuals who have already taken a pre-registered course or for those who have erratic schedules. Open classes are paid through a membership, by the class or with a pre-paid card purchased at the studio.

intensive courses:

An Intensive is a unique opportunity to join a group of other students and practice two hours of yoga every day, for five to ten days in a row. Intensives are offered either in the early morning or in the evenings, typically around Christmas/New Years, the Easter holiday and at some point during the summer. The "intensive" part of these courses are not necessarily the yoga postures practiced, but the commitment that you make to yourself and your yoga practice and the benefits and changes that take place in the body and mind during the Intensive course.

private sessions:

To focus more attention on your practice, or to work on specific areas of interest, a private yoga session would be ideal for you. Private classes are available for individuals or small groups, either at the studio or in your home. These sessions are a great way to focus on your specific needs and challenges, while receiving concentrated attention. If you are worried about starting your practice, can’t find time to attend a course, or just feel more comfortable being at home, a private session is a feasible and practical way to customize your yoga practice for you. Please contact Johana for availability and prices.


pre-natal yoga:

A gentle yoga class for women at all stages in their pregnancy. postures are focused on stretching, soothing, relaxing and energizing the body as it goes through it's beautiful changes during the time before birth.



The sanskrit word “satsang” literally means “in company of the truth” and consists of 20-30min of silent meditation, mantra chanting and reading and discussion of a yogic or philosophical text. Satsang is free and open to all people of all faiths and backgrounds.


sanftes/gentle yoga:

A gentle yoga class still follows the same sequence of postures and breathing exercises as an open class, but there can be more gentle variations, a slower pace and more relaxation. This class is open to all, even more advanced students who may prefer a lighter class now and then.

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